About Us

Riptide Boats, LLC was founded by Owner/ Operator Andy Arnold in 2014.  Andy is master craftsman who hand builds each and every Riptide with the help of his skilled team of professionals. 

Andy was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, SC. As early as he can remember, he never wanted to anything else but be out on the water. 

After graduating from college, Andy decided that the office life was not for him, and began his career in fiberglass fabrication. He began building anything and everything from corn-hole boards, to tee-tops and coolers.  Eventually he focused on building boats, and has gained a solid reputation for producing the finest quality skiffs at the most affordable price. 

Andy takes pride in building a one of a kind product, and when he's not building a boat, you can be sure to catch him on the water. 

Riptides are 100% handcrafted and produced in the Low Country, just north of Charleston, South Carolina.